Claudia Tröger

Project Coordinator beyontics GmbH Very reliable! Working with Matthias is always a pleasure. His openness, enthusiasm, and his grasp of what a client wants make him understand and master even very complex projects easily. He immediately understood what our new product is all about, and that’s a rare gift.

Alexander Groth

Professional Speaker & Autor Seit 10 Jahren arbeite ich mit Matthias Schoebe zusammen und jedes Mal freue ich mich auf ein neues gemeinsames Projekt! Seine Vielseitigkeit zeichnet ihn aus, genauso wie sein außergewöhnliches Empfinden für Proportionen, Farben und Formen. Uneingeschränkte Empfehlung!

Eric May

Emmy Award winning Media Consultant I have collaborated with Matthias on numerous projects and the results have always been excellent. Matthias has both the technical savvy and capacity for innovative problem-solving that make projects better for clients. And he makes it fun!

Susanne Hammacher

Film Officer and Festival Manager RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film Matthias’ experience and creativity in designing the catalogue were highly appreciated. Excellent teamwork and great organisational skills!